I need some serious help (ADC):)

So i am trying to improve at ADC And this is eating and sometimes it even tilting me during gameplay. And i believe that once i have mastered this, I will go up several divisions! (Maybe!) Orb walking, or Attack move, etc... Kiting in general, Sometimes i can kite like a pro, but i dont use attack move click, So i am prone to Missclicks, but i have no idea how to use Attack move efficiently without being "static" And thats not what i want to achieve. I Want to be able to dance around my opponents and attack at the same time (Kinda obvious) But at the moment i see my self missclick and walk to the target, and not being able to do dps when i should do DPS. I have gotten away with good positioning and Targeting, but I need to level up to be able to "orb walk" And still output maximum dps.. I Mean sometimes i manage to do it without attack click, but i dont think thats very efficient since there are those "missclicks" that lead to no damage.. Is there any effective way to practice this? I mean i've tried to watch youtube videos, but they dont really explain how to, they just explains how it works.
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