What is the purpose of dynamic queue and removal of solo queue?

I'll just come out and say it. Is it money? You have a much higher chance at winning with your friends as a lot of people play with 3+ in a group now, so to compete you have to do the same. As a support main, it's a struggle to go against grouped players when I'm solo queue-ing. Am I forced to find friends to play with in order to win more just because I'm a support main? Or do I have to find a role that can hard carry with macro control? To me it feels like RIOT is saying "fuck solo queue, you have to play with your friends from now on because when you bring friends, the chance of them buying RP goes up, more players, more money, let's just remove the 'solo skill' part of the game". They don't even wanna hear or see the word 'solo' anymore. :) Am I wrong here? :)
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