Riot dosen't care about people in low elo.

So basically I'm Gold V and have been for quite a while now. The reason that I'm still Gold V and I'm not saying I'm the best but my teammates always flame, be toxic, and feed their lanes. Now if you're diamond or higher this dosen't happen. People in Diamond or higher actually listen to you and don't get upset when you tell them to play safe. I'm always ending with a great score not saying I'm the best but nine times out of ten I've got the best score our of the other 9 players in the game. Take my last game for instance I was playing so well then somehow they had a 24-4 Riven. Little did I know my teammate (olaf) was running in through minion waves trying to kill her, every, single, time, he got to lane. I ended the game with a score of 15-3. Of course I lost because my teammate (Olaf) couldn't take my advise when I told him to farm under tower.If I'm being honest to you Riot I think I might just buy a Diamond account if this carries on. I've played with Diamond players before and they're never flaming and they know when to play aggressive or farm under tower. I'm not being big headed and I certainly don't have a big elo but I KNOW that if I'm playing with Diamond level players I will win more games and I'll finally be able to climb to hopefully Master. Fix the lp system please Riot. People who play very well in their games and lose because of an intentional feeder should not lose lp. The feeder should lose more lp, so they may be matched with people of their skill level. Thanks for reading, I guess.
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