The more I play a champion the worse I become

At the start of the season I was playing sylas mid ranking up and getting 5 kda then after a while i just started missing every chain and started getting out traded or dying in lane. Now after a break I started playing adc with xayah, again high kda, winning games feeling like I could get master or smth and all of a sudden every game I just start playing worse tunnel visioning on cs and getting ganked, in team fights trying to juke lux q while naut ults me and I dont even notice and just die, forgetting to heal my support ( not just once) and because of that dying and basically losing the game. And all of a sudden my feathers just start missing everyone. Idk this is just driving me insane when I start getting good, my brain just stops working and I start regressing. I dont even know whats the point od this thread, I guess I am just mad at myself.
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