Anybody else really dislike the upcoming rune changes?

I feel like the upcoming changes really do not fit into the game. I think that they will be extremely difficult to balance and change the base game way too much, as now both runes and masteries will have a large impact on matchups and gameplay. The new increased interactivity on runes seems to be misplaced, and i think a vast majority of the rune changes should just be implemented onto new items instead. From a personal standpoint a lot of the runes seem very "tacky" as well. For example the Meteor strike one doesn't feel like it has the right name or SFX and is basically a re-visualised TLD. I can't imagine my boy Ekko launching a meteor at someone. It doesn't fit the game. Same with Store Credit, i feel as if this is a really underwhelming mechanic that shouldn't exist in the game for a multitude of reasons. The entire concept of the new rune system seems like more of choosing a "loadout" for you character rather than offering small competitive stat boosts that help you off your feet. They seem to impact the gameplay and flow on quite a few levels and personally i feel that they will be more disruptive to the flow of the game, adding a bunch of confusing mechanics to keep track of. (Cho'gath flashing a wall, then stoneplate 1 shotting your carry, even though you saw him burn his flash and had it on timer a minute ago? No thanks lol) Anyway, this is the end of my rant. I know it won't change anything about the upcoming preseason, and i'll probably keep playing, i just wanted to vent lol.

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