Does Irelia deserve a nerf?

> Here is what recently changed on Trinity Force (for those who need a reminder): > > - Cost reduced to 3733 gold from 3800 gold > - Bonus Attack Speed increased to 40% from 15% > - Cooldown Reduction increased to 20% from 10% > - Critical Strike Chance reduced to 0% from 20% > I feel like Irelia has too much synergy with the compensation stats. that were added to Trinity Force. The Bonus Attack Speed compliments her **W: Hiten Style**. The Cooldown Reduction compliments her **Q: Bladesurge** and **E: Equlibrium Strike** (It compliments her whole kit, but these abilities are the core ones that abuse this stat. the most). Her whole kit received an all-round buff, and it's showing. I feel like she deserves a nerf now before she becomes a bigger problem later. What do you think?
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