Is there any chance to get a rank reset?

My main rank is plat, and my placements went very bad, i had afk's feeders, trollers and went 4-6 and they placed me in Silver V. I just cant handle Silver 5, people play champions that they cant play, even as a plat player i cant just handle it! Like im playing against gold smurfs and my team is just a silver/ bronze. If you compare enemy to my team wow then. I struggle against my laner and the enemy team murders the other lanes.. It sounds like a blame but it isnt, its just true. You have to see it. Whats in the meta right now? Gragas jungle/ Reksai/ Elise/ moakai But my team picks jax, walks to lane and dies. Now you have to deal 5vs4 and a fed carry... I think i will create a new account and hope that will be a lucky one.

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