How to play versus a comp like this

This is the setup : Poppy Xin ( me ) Mordekaiser Cait Thresh vs Nautilus Zac Orianna Lucian Sion So they basically have 3 full mega tanks. I went 4 0 1 in the first 7-8 minutes, took an infernal drake solo very early. But their comp just seemed to have no weaknesses. One of the problems was that my Cait went full lethality build :) Which is a problem, especially because, after asking her why did she do it, she said "Because I want to lose". Obviously it's one of those people who you just want to bludgeon with something very blunt very brutally, but that's not my point. I feel like even if she built properly, LDR and stuff, I still think there's no bloody way to win against a comp like that. What could've I picked after seeing that? I literally don't know what could I play against them in the jungle to properly counter such a tank heavy comp. Kindred? I feel like she's currently severely underpowered right now. Amumu? It's plat I / Dia V Elo, doubt he would work. Shyvana? Zac would probably just gank the hell out of everyone while I farmed up to a point where I can melt tanks properly. I can't go for a tank also and do the peeling job cause I have a braindead monkey playing full lethality Cait with fervor against a triple tank comp. I just see no way out of this. Besides dodging of course. Any suggestions ?
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