Why is this happening to me?

I went 5 games so far today, Top laner, Solo. 6 out of 6 games I had 4 or more people premade against me. 2 out of 6 games I had the same toxic 4 man premade with me. 6 out of 6 games I got camped, (10+ ganks before 20 mins, I counted) 0 out of 6 games I've gotten a gank from my jungler or mid 6 out of 6 games I got hard pushed into tower 2 out of 6 games I won 6 out of 6 games I got flamed I have become paranoid that Riot has picked me out of the masses just so they can bully me, its not normal to have 6 games with that many premades, its not normal for the enemy not to give me more gold when I kill him with a 2/0 stat, its not normal for minions to agro the casters right when I right click on them every single time, its not normal for minions not to agro the enemy when they basic attack me next to them, its not normal to not get an S for a perfect game where I had the most gold, most cs and had 8/0/3 stats.

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