The recent changes in RP = "ridiculous"

I personally think this is ridiculous, hilarious and unacceptable for the current position of the world. Obviously riot made these changes so that when people will receive less RP and buy more RP because of that. However, let me explain to you what is going to happen now and how the situation is now. On a daily basis I see how people are already refusing to spend even 5 euros to purchase a skin. I've heard a lot of times form people in my friend list that I have a random chat with say to me "oh you have that skin, I want it too but i'm very poor". Now, what does poor mean? You really don't have 5 euros to please yourself for once? I know people are willing to spend more than 5 euros in real life for alcohol or maybe drugs but refuse to pay 5 euros for their other pleasures which cause no bad influences at all. Do you not see that? And by decreasing the amount of RP people will receive after they give you their money you think people will be more "committed" and willing to pay those money? As I said people already assume and think that the current amount of RP for that amount of money is expensive. All I can say is that riot is making a bad decision about that. This makes people, AND ME, to stop buying RP for the rest of their life playing this game. I personally say that from now on that I do not agree with this decision of riot and I am going to stop spending my savings to this game although it's one of my hobbies and I had no problem spending 5 god damn euros every 2 weeks or so. Additionally, how riot have explained themselves in their post sounded completely ridiculous to me. Because renting those big stadiums and private areas for the "LCS" is completely pointless and useless. You can imagine how costly renting a stadium or a big theater is. And then riot tells me basically that they are short on money and makes these changes so that they will start getting a higher income for their "pro players" in "LCS" and give them real money to the team that wins the competition and provide them with computers to play their game and logo t-shirt/hoodies of the teams. All of that costs money my friends. You can personally read how many people have already started complaining on the forums, facebook, twitter and all of the social media about this post. Let's not even begin with 0 fuck's riot give for the gameplay because my post is already too long people won't wanna read it.
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