Talon v Yasuo Matchup. Talon/Yasuo Rework?

{{champion:91}} v {{champion:157}} I've played as Talon countless times. I've played against Yasuo multiple times. 9/10 times I will lose my lane to him (in a 1 v 1 scenario). Talon is strong through his combo's, e.g. E, auto, Q, W, R. Yasuo naturally destroys Talon; * Way of the Wanderer [Passive] - Yasuo's shield blocks any poke (Talon's W), it also blocks the first of any combo by Talon. * Wind Wall [W] - Another shield, this blocks again any poke (Talon's W), additionally it can block ALL of Talon's ultimate. * Last Breath [R] - Additionally this, although not as major as the Passive and W, can prevent Talon from finishing his combo. I think it's fair to say with this matchup Talon will lose on most (9/10) accounts. It's hard to say what should be done. I think that maybe a fair change would be that Talon's ultimate does not get blocked by Yasuo's W. Or Talon regains his silence (maybe that would be overkill) ;P.
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