This must be a matchmaking flaw (not a rant!).

I came across a (very obvious?) matchmaking flaw recently and I can't get it out of my mind. I am diamond 4 eune (my mmr is slightly below this division though) and I got matched with a player who was gold 1 and had 29% winrate. I had to refresh his profile twice because it seemed unreal. I don't want to say that gold 1 is that far from diamond 4 but I do not think it is alright for this kind of matchmaking to take place but meanwhile I cannot duo with friends who are platinum 3 because there's too big a difference between divisions. For what is worth, this gold 1 guy I am talking about does not seem like a good player either, it looks to me like a very obvious troll actually, he's got 0% winrate on 6 out of the 7 most played champions and averages 10 deaths per match. I wish I could link you his profile so you could see for yourself. I have submitted a ticket but I can't help and post it here as well because I want to see what you think about this situation. - here's just a glimpse. I've got no reason to lie.
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