Any good jungle hypercarry for such a bad elo? (B1 stuck in promos)

The new placements system (why the hell am i getting 27 lp for win and 14 lp for loss?) and bronze players hit me so hard that i started to think that concentration camps was not a such bad idea (i'm not a racist tho, it's just a support {{champion:43}} gameplay) So i decided to make jungle my primary role again but i have some troubles with champ pool. After a long (14 sec.) amounts of time i decided to ask you guys for some help. I BeD sPeK lOnDoN sOrY 1. I used to play {{champion:28}} a lot before placements. but AhriSkin Games started to buff her counters such as Rek'Sai (she got nerfed for now but anyway) or Trundle so i decided to abandon her for a while (also she have a terrible banrate) 2. I was playing {{champion:121}} on another account but amounts of CC is enormous in this elo (yeah, i know that qss exists) and i think that he is not viable too
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