Proposal for an alternate class system

As of writing of this post League of Legends has 125 champions. With such volume of playable characters emergence of similar play patterns among them was inevitable. And as such we have divided them all into “classes”. Riot has officially classified the champions as either Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Support or Tank, however that does not accurately represent the play patterns of all champions. The greatest offenders would be the classes of Mage, which currently consists of anyone building ability power and doing magic damage, and fighter, where all non-bursty melee DPS is. In fact it is quite obvious that someone like Vladimir plays drastically different then someone like Xerath or Heimerdinger. By analyzing their play patterns I have found TEN (10) specific classes distributed into FIVE (5) groups. • First group would be “**The Backline DPS**” and the name basically gives away its purpose. The Champions in this role want to**_ do as much damage to the enemy team as possible while staying as safe as possible_**. If these champions are not doing damage then they aren’t pulling their weight in a fight, likewise a dead Backline DPS does 0 damage. There are two classes in this group. 1. **THE MARKSMAN** - They do most of their damage with their auto-attacks, they are the more aggressive Backline DPS. 2. **THE SPELLCASTER** - They do most of their damage with their spells, they are the defensive variant of the Backline DPS. It doesn’t matter what kind of damage a champion does in relation to its class. As such Twisted Fate and Teemo are Marksmen while Urgot and Ezreal are Spellcasters. Also Quinn is not a Marksman or Spellcaster but more on that later. • Second group is “**The Tank**”. Tank’s job is to **_absorb as much of enemies damage and cooldowns as possible_**. For a champion to be a tank it needs two things: Tankyness (durr) and Threat AKA the reason for someone to attack the tank. As such the two classes of tanks are distinguished by how they generate threat 3. **THE BODYGUARD** - a tank that serves as a wall between the enemy and allied backliners. CC is their threat generating tool and they are the defensive Tank. 4. **THE BRUISER** - a tank that dives deep into the enemy lines and prevents their backliners from attacking anyone else with the threat of DAMAGE! They are the aggressive Tank. The best way to tell if a tank is a Bodyguard or a Bruiser is to see where they prefer to be in a teamfight. If they sit near allied backline they are a Bodyguard. If they sit near ENEMY backline they are a bruiser. • Third group is called “**The Controller**”. Their job is to **_ensure that the flow of the fight goes your way by multiplying certain team’s effectiveness_**. The wording here is a bit difficult to understand at first but it should become clear when we go into specific two classes, separated by how they achieve teamfight control. 5. **THE SUPPORT** – Their job is simply to make sure everyone on your team does their job better. Shields, Heals, Buffs and Peels (it sounds so chanty!) are their game and they are a defensive Controller. 6. **THE TACTICIAN** – Their primary objective is to make sure everyone on the enemy team needs to go the extra mile to do their objectives. They do this by maintaining zones of control with the threat of damage, (Do not stand in that fire. Seriously.) various forms of disables, (And now you’re a squirrel.) or both (The Ball is angry.) The damage isn’t the primary focus of this class but the setup of their abilities. The damage does come naturally if a setup was done right and most of it will come from his allies because of Tactician’s play. They are the aggressive Controller. In general the Controller is someone the enemy needs to adapt to play around. You do not clutter when enemy has Orianna, you do not simply dive a backliner when enemy has a Janna, and you need to get out of Morgana’s ultimate when she pops Zhonya with it. • Fourth group, “**The Frontliner**” – is someone who **_establishes the frontline and pushes it forward_**. They are not someone who actively tries to dive the enemy backline (unless the enemy really screws up) but rather slowly drill their way to it. If they try to play as a Bruiser they will generally crack under enemy focus fire. Again two classes in it. 7. **THE FIGHTER** – The fully melee Frontliner. Their gist is that they all have some means to transfer offensive stats into defensive ones most commonly through various forms of lifesteal. They are the best duelists in the game and in general should be alright in most situations as long as they have someone to fight. They are the more aggressive of the two. 8. **THE SKIRMISHER** – The youngest class of them all. You can tell a character is a skirmisher if it has both a range and a melee mode. They either have different forms or are melee with some form of a significant range poke. (like Gangplank) They have two modes in a fight: Poke mode – when they operate kind of like a backliner, slowly whittling enemy health down, and an All-in mode when they go into melee to try to execute the weak enemies. Quinn is actually a skirmisher, to address a point previously made. Kayle however is NOT despite having two forms because she really doesn’t want to be in melee mode ever at all. Also Kennen because he plays like a backliner and then he turns on Leeroy Jenkins mode. • And the final group “**The Executioner**” – their main purpose is to **_go straight for the enemy backline and execute them_**. This actually has two variants despite being so straight forward. 9. **THE ASSASSIN** – Go in, Murder and get out. Simple yet effective and very difficult to achieve. Their only purpose is to delete the squishy enemy carry, usually the backliner. Everything they do after that if they are able is just gravy. Although both disruptors are aggressive, Assassins are slightly more so. 10. **THE BATTLEDANCER** – A melee damage dealer that’s not quite an assassin but not quite a fighter either. Unlike Fighters, that are able to recover from the damage they take, and Bruisers, that can simply take a lot of damage, Battledancers have means to nullify the damage completely, or they have exceptional dodging abilities. They are capable of dealing high amounts of sustained damage. Not as bursty as an assassin. Instead, however, they are more effective when they have more targets to attack. That’s either because they have more targets to jump to or they have some form of AoE damage. These are the squishiest of all melee champions and can usually get away with a backliner-like build. I feel this class system more accurately represents the state of the game. With it every class has a clearly defined “win condition” that they must accomplish to win their fights, and every champion has a clearly defined class to belong in. This makes it generally easier to balance champions to fit a class as well as make more specific teams via teambuilder. It is my belief that the most balanced teams should have one champion from each group, although those needn’t necessarily be the best teams depending on the current Meta. Likewise depending on the class composition of a team there could be some ultra-aggressive teams, with a Marksman, Tactician, Fighter, Bruiser and an Assassin, or some with a decent mix of aggressive and defensive classes etc. It could potentially make teambuilding into a science of its own. :) Granted there are still some champions that feel like they should be class A but for some reason they are a class B (Evelynn should be an assassin not a bruiser!), usually that is due to the some degree of brokenness of the champion. There are also some characters that have elements of two classes and can do roles of both at a lesser effectiveness, like say Teemo is a Marksman primarily but is also a secondary Tactician due to his shrooms. These champions can be harder to balance than the rest but are OK to exist as it brings interesting variety to the game. What this system DOESN’T accomplish is classify the champions based on the tactics available to them, and I feel that it should be another classification on its own and shouldn’t mix with what class is all about. Like Ashe (a Marksman) and Malphite (a Bruiser) both have great initiation tactics but others from their class (like say Kog’Maw and Garen) don’t have access to that. Similarly Lissandra (a Tactician) has beyond godlike ganking tactics but Heimerdinger (another Tactician) has none. To wrap this up I’m going to make a list of Champions by class based on their current status (Patch 5.11). I will mark those that aren’t immediately obvious with an (!). Drop a comment so I know how you feel about this. Whether you liked it, disliked it or just found it to be too walltexty. **BACKLINER – 24% of Champions.** MARKSMAN – 14% of Champions {{champion:22}}, {{champion:51}}, {{champion:42}}, {{champion:119}}, {{champion:104}}, {{champion:222}}, {{champion:429}}, {{champion:10}}(!), {{champion:96}}, {{champion:236}}, {{champion:21}}, {{champion:15}}, {{champion:17}}(!), {{champion:18}}, {{champion:4}}(!), {{champion:29}}, {{champion:110}}, {{champion:67}}. SPELLCASTER – 10% of Champions {{champion:1}}, {{champion:63}}, {{champion:69}}, {{champion:81}}(!), {{champion:99}}, {{champion:134}}(!), {{champion:6}}, {{champion:45}}(!), {{champion:161}}, {{champion:112}}, {{champion:101}}, {{champion:115}}. **TANKS – 24% of Champions** BODYGUARD – 8% of Champions {{champion:12}},{{champion:53}}, {{champion:201}}, {{champion:3}}, {{champion:79}}(!), {{champion:89}}, {{champion:57}}, {{champion:111}}, {{champion:98}}, {{champion:412}}. BRUISER – 15% of Champions {{champion:32}}, {{champion:31}}, {{champion:122}}, {{champion:36}}, {{champion:28}}(!), {{champion:86}}, {{champion:120}}, {{champion:59}}, {{champion:54}}, {{champion:421}}, {{champion:33}}, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:113}}, {{champion:102}}, {{champion:14}}, {{champion:72}}, {{champion:106}}, {{champion:62}}(!), {{champion:154}}. **CONTROL – 19% of Champions** SUPPORT – 6% of Champions {{champion:432}}, {{champion:40}}, {{champion:117}}, {{champion:267}}, {{champion:37}}, {{champion:16}}, {{champion:44}}(!), {{champion:26}}. TACTICAN – 12% of Champions {{champion:34}}, {{champion:268}}, {{champion:9}}, {{champion:74}}, {{champion:43}}, {{champion:30}}(!), {{champion:127}}, {{champion:90}}, {{champion:25}}, {{champion:20}}(!), {{champion:61}}, {{champion:68}}, {{champion:27}}(!) {{champion:50}}, {{champion:143}}. **FRONTLINER – 21% of Champions** FIGHTER – 15% of Champions {{champion:266}}, {{champion:131}}(!), {{champion:39}}, {{champion:24}}, {{champion:64}}, {{champion:82}}, {{champion:75}}, {{champion:56}}(!), {{champion:2}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:13}}(!), {{champion:48}}, {{champion:77}}, {{champion:254}}, {{champion:8}}(!), {{champion:19}}, {{champion:5}}, {{champion:83}}. SKIRMISHER – 6% of Champions {{champion:60}}, {{champion:41}}, {{champion:150}}, {{champion:126}}, {{champion:85}}(!), {{champion:76}}, {{champion:80}}(!), {{champion:133}}(!). **EXECUTIONER – 12% of Champions** ASSASSIN – 7% of Champions {{champion:103}}, {{champion:84}}, {{champion:38}}, {{champion:121}}, {{champion:7}}, {{champion:107}}, {{champion:35}}, {{champion:91}}, {{champion:238}}. BATTLEDANCER – 7% of Champions {{champion:245}}, {{champion:114}}, {{champion:105}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:11}}, {{champion:78}}(!), {{champion:23}}, {{champion:157}}.
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