RIOT... I think I have the ultimate solution to ALL your problems... check this out!!!

Ok... so the big problem about this game now is that tanks do way too much dmg to squishies and the fact that squishies like ADCs don't have enough time to take them out.. right? Right... so... the first solution would be to change the whole item system... which would be huge and would change the whole game completely... so let me give you a better and easier solution... ALL CHAMPS... should have very low starting dmg rates on their skills BUT scale very hard with AD and AP... for example... let's say a skill has 50/100/150/200/250 + 60% of AD as dmg ok? Now, if this skill is the Q of a tank champ it will be a huge hit on squishies even if his AD is something like 150 because each champ has 4 skills and the whole combo would get over 1000 burst dmg in the end game which is much more than half the HP of an adc or a squishy APC... NOW... what if... the max dmg the skill can do was all about the items... meaning... the base dmg would be 20/40/60/80/100 BUT... it scaled with 140% AD... so if you want to do much dmg... take dmg items... if you pick tank items... your dmg will be low but your survivability high... and if you fear about the dmg dealers dealing too much dmg, don't... you will do the same with the dmg dealer champ skills... so this way the amount of dmg they deal will be the same as now... but with less options for very tanky HUGE dmg builds... I mean if you're too bored to do the math to improve a whole game hugely... then that's too bad... this will give new meaning to the game... the tanks will pack a quick punch but not enough to one shot a dmg dealer... then the damage dealers will be needed to finish the job... the whole point is to make a huge project to calculate the ratios needed to keep the dmg levels the same as now and make the item build focus much more clear... This will revitalize the role of the ADC... it will make traditional CC and heal focused supps be the REAL supps again... champs will snowball much more of course but this means that you reward someone for playing good and forcing the other team to shut him down as a group... BUT... there will be more room for strategy... since falling a couple of levels behind but making more gold will be viable... OR... do this only for tanks and keep the rest of the champs on the same skill dmg ratio as now... but some need work... Examples are... Off tank xin zhao... Off tank Riven... AP Tank Ekko... Off tank Camille.... AP tank Cho Gath... What I'm saying is that by lowering the base dmg you force each player to CHOOSE if he wants to be a tank or a dmg dealer... Last but not least... there are tank skills like poppy Q that do percentage dmg... come on.. that's too much... lower their dmg... I mean Poppy right now is huge for example... but if you lower all tank dmg potential Poppy will be what she was meant to be... the tank that pins you to the wall and stuns you... does a bit of dmg... but she needs her teammates to finish the job quick... if not... poppy will need much more time to finish the job alone so you have time to escape... unless you were low already so she will naturally kill you... I mean it sounds more realistic as a concept It will be harder to take kills in lane with tank vs tank matchups... but that's the point... tanks can't be getting easy quick kills... they will have to do the dmg slower and steadier to end up with a kill.... Well, these were my thoughts as a video gamer for the last 20 years that has played a ton of different games... I would love to hear your arguments and see if we can build on this idea or find something even different that can work even better... Hope to hear from many people on this :)
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