Gold 5 stuck.. again

Hi bois So i got this season first time into gold... and it's like the system wants me back to silver.. i was last season twice there and as soon as i reach it.. big losing streak begins till i got demoted again.. i can go like each game 14/7 with darius or nasus but no chance.. some1 refuse to group and is whining cuz some1 said he is bad or it's just feeding like a zed who goes 0/6 in 8 mins and is whining that meta is broke... i try to roam as much as possible to help other lanes but it's just the mentality of some teamm8 that %%%%s everything up.. or they r just bad sometimes.. like we had all turrets down but 2 teamm8 refused to group cuz they blamed eachother for noob and went 1v5 the whole time.. i told them to mute eachother and play but it's impossible.. like each game i go it ends up like this.. any advise what to do or shell i just quit ranked cuz it seems impossible to climb.. oh and today i got matched with some1 who was lvl 36 .. 4 ranked games.. his first season.. and 0% winrate.. game started and he sitted afk under turret.. lucky we could remake.. but how is that possible? Pls all i want some good advice not comments like "l2p" "u r where u belong" "all u deserve is silver" most of my silver games as toplaner i was positiv and didn't got carried.. sure sometimes i %%%%ed up and got carried but not like those boys who get completly by luck to gold .. Thx (Btw i'm bad at english so no hate)
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