How to play as Lux vs Fizz?

Just finished a game with this awfull experience of laning as squishy mage vs Fizz. Tried to play as safe as possible, yet it wasn't enough. i found myself building zhonya {{item:3157}} > banshee {{item:3102}} > and only after these finishing morello{{item:3165}} , just to force fizz to use full combo and summs if he went for that ez kill. also, seriously considered taking {{item:3083}} or two. what rly pissed me off was one occasion where i dodged ult, 2x E and Q dmg, yet ignite, protobelt and 2 AA's still killed me. i kept up the farm by E from range and didn't die too much, yet onlything i could rly do was that, stand on max range and once in a while use E. we eventually won the game thx to champ picks and other lanes not getting behind, but i couldn't be of much use in teamfights, other than throw them my maxed shield... Any tips about such matchup, for better build, playstyle or smth? btw, don't try it with "tell ur jg that you need gank", we all know how it goes in lower divisions, the good jungler will (sometimes) come on his own, and the bad ones will come if you call them, but only as free kill delivered on silver plate to your enemy.

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