Fill EXCEPT something (please, Riot? *puppy eyes*)

Hi guys, I'd like to point up one feature that shouldn't be hard to create and would make the "fill" option way more attractive. That option is "fill except something". It could work like this: when you primary pick Fill, secondary pick transforms into an "except" prompt. You don't have to use it, just leave it blank and fill fully. But I'd use that option to fill except support. It would still make queue times a bit shorter, and in the end it /could/ affect queue times positively. Atm picking fill is very similar to picking support, and thus only players with "whatever, I'll support, but I want that tiny chance I'll play something else" mindset pick fill. I don't see any problem implementing this would bring, only profits. Atm filling is really a support pick, and we do have an option for that in pick already (just pick that support role). People that would - for any reason - still want to fill without excluding one role would just pick "fill" and go for it. But us rest, who don't like some role and want to play one of the rest... well, that was one of my issues with new ranked pick. And this would solve it. Sooo, please? *puppy eyes once more* And others, what are your thoughts about this? Thank you, and have a nice day. **EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm not talking about autofill. I'm talking about fill option when you're selecting your roles.**

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