Garen new direction

I noticed on a Rioters post that Riot is not really happy with the way they reworked Garen and that they want to update him again . In my opinion one of the biggest mistakes on his kit is his E and i am gonna tell you why . First of all his current E completely destroys the champions fantasy . Do you even imagine a juggernaut with really heavy armor and a large sword spinning like a beyblade while there is no assassin with an ability like that ? It is just wrong . Second , his E is his main source of dmg ( without taking into consideration his ultimate ) and its really messing up they way Riot has to balance him. I think his E should be more like a cleave and slow , providing some cc like a fighter should do and providing a moderate amount of dmg based on channel duration something Sions Q for example. Or maybe create a completely new ability for his E . I think judgement make Garen more like a joke for the community rather than a juggernaut that Garen should be
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