My thought about playing ranked

Hey, I started in bronze 5 and ended up in plat 2. In my opinion there is no difference. Every game is almost the same. (easy win or just lose hard) Ofcourse sometimes you have a real 50/50 game and you play for 40-50 minutes But still, mostly it just goes to 1 side. People playing champs for 1e time, people dying every 30 sec, people afk/trolling on purpose, people toxic and talking 24/7, people who don't know how to play defence etc.. This is what I see mostly, In my team or the enemy team. I'm Always doing my best and want to get higher but now I think it was all for nothing. I know it is just a game but when you want to play with good players and have a nice game and still see the same things as in low elo, it is just a joke. I never came this high, but If I knew it would be still elo hell in high platinum, I wouldn't play ranked, lol. Just my thought that playing ranked is pointless.
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