Does it physically hurt to fix the item issue in TFT?

i swear just make it so every round with creeps / monsters i get 1 ONE guaranteed item. just one so i can actually build items. even if its random it does something and no the karusell helps nothing if you have to wait till everybody got everything. if i lose i need to lose hard enough to have the right to get an item. or even better make it so i can buy a random item for 10 gold or 15 gold or whatever... just make something. i have nice ideas for cool builds but aside from the fact that i can rerolle 80 gold to never ever see a leona in some rounds or god forbid a kayle... or the champ i rly need to finish up something i have to misserably struggle to get items. fix it so i can actually use tactics in team fight tactics. cause i can have the best freaking build if somebody lucks out and has like 5 ionian sparks my entire team kills itself. i with my one item can hardly do anything vs that no matter the combo like if you start coding this do youre fingers bleed? do you get a mental breakdown and somebody gets a heartattack while another collapses going insane and screaming OH MY GOD NO EVERYTHING BUT THAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i swear im pissed of this one fix could make the mode some fun but sadly the rng CAN fk you over and you cant go in with a plan. also make it so each set has more units than you need to complete it... freaking nightmare to get some stuff together just for notice: i had a round just now in which i got from 6 creep rounds not a single item. also i didnt get the last two champs i needed nor could i finish for the life of me the other champs i had. a misserable loss. so i think thats till the raptors. or its 5 or whatever. still disgusting
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