Let's talk about coinflip

Botlane often times is not the hard carry. It is not the lane that decides if one wins, but the way the game is now, botlane is the lane that can most consistently lose you the entire game. Some players will be so stupid as to believe that their 1/7 asses can kill a 13/0 Miss Fortune and it just keeps going. Now, I never flame people. I try my best to offer them friendly advice like: "Don't overextend when you don't have any vision" or "Don't fight them, you're way weaker, wait 'til I gank, I can kill the ADC". The responses I get back are usually in the tone of: "Shut up you %%%%ing %%%%%%. Your (more mobile) opponent has been here 2 times and you've been here 0". Then I try to explain that I've pinged every time my opponent goes bot (I am a mid main), and that I can not gank when they keep pushing it in. If they keep arguing after that, I just mute them. Just had a game where I just told everyone to sit still so I could carry, let's see how that went shall we? I get first blod as Diana vs Zed. I then start dominating the lane. I kill him a couple times, but there is never a window to gank either side lane as they're constantly pushed up. I am placing wards to keep tabs on the enemy Yi and I consistently watch bot bot and top to ping them away from danger. Of course they don't listen so they die. Actually... botlane goes 1/15 in like 20 minutes. Jungler tries to gank bot a few times, but to no avail, and bot manages to keep dying even though I've told them to just come mid and ignore the lost botlane. Short story short: Jungle and botlane die a few more times for good measure, MF gets a pentakill because she now is 3 levels ahead, I am not ahead because my lane got babysat after I got 3 kills, and we lose. The game just really does not feel fair and feels very much like a coinflip and mostly a coinflip in the enemy's favor. I haven't kept tabs on how many inting botlanes I've gotten, but I'll make sure to do so from now on. I just don't understand how a lane can consistently lose the game time and time again. I've got no solutions for this and I suppose that if I play consistently good I'll climb eventually, but it's really hard when ~40% of my games are purely coinflip on what players I get and not about my skills. I get to promos all the time, get a free win, get 2 losses because of a feeding, toxic, inting team. It just feels like the system is broken at times. I also only gain 16-17 LP per win and I lose around 20 - 23 per game, which really does not make sense to me as I've been in this rank for tens of games. Just feels very tilted against my odds if you catch my drift. /endrant If you yourself have any stories like this or you have a solution to my problem then please tell them, I'd be interested to hear.
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