Kayle's irrelevant AGAIN

Could you kindly stop nerfing Kayle into irrelevance? I've mained Kayle too, her previous mechanics were better. Yasuo couldn't wind wall her E damage, she could ult while doing stacked splash damage (Thatwas like Jayces E+Q - Was decent). She had no skill shots but you needed patience in approaching a fight, even if you could win (Because she was squishy). Now you win in farm maybe in kills too and you don't have basic attack damage to get you through even after 20 minutes (While getting poked down in complete Melee form [Which means my TP probably will be a lot sooner than if I played someone else, because now less squishy but no relevant damage to counter engage at this rate she could be range from lvl1 and it'd only mean she could farm easy and no get pushed out as easily.}. You literally still need to hit 11 before gaining relevance, I mean she was strong and scaled drastically when released but now AGAIN nerfed to ****. If you want to stabilize her damage do it to scale effectively and efficiently otherwise this champ might as well just be removed. If she's meant to be strong make her damn strong, I look at Yasuos passive and how broken that is for a hypercarry, but when Kayle takes Yasuos position EVERYONE cries crocodile tears. THAT defeats the purpose, within that case Kayle shouldn't be classified as hypercarry but rather as the peoples choice champ. She shouldn't be portrayed as powerful but rather a passionate lover and support - people would be happier, not us mains but atleast it'd be better adapted to her current damage or slow overall development for the early game output. The most mutable Hypercarry in League.
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