If you're going to break the meta, do it right.

I just had an ARAM game with an AP Ashe, and her build made me so angry She already had Morrellonomicon, Rylais, Deathcap, CDR Boots before I even noticed she was AP, at which point I told her she should at least get lich bane on ap ashe. I know, it's ARAM, and nobody cares. I know, breaking the Meta isn't against the rules - actually, I love it. Break the damn meta. Play AP Ashe, fuck the enemy with it and make them tilt off the face of the earth because "HOW COULD WE LOSE TO AN AP ASHE???" I want people to do that, it's the best part of league. BUT SERIOUSLY Ashe has 1 AP scaling, her ulti. This means your items are pretty much useless while that's on cooldown. How to get round this? Lich Bane and Luden's Echo. The extra scalings on these items allow you to play almost anyone as an AP champion (I used a build like this on AP Miss Fortune pre-rework, and loved it) BUT THE THING THAT REALLY GETS ME IS {{item:3116}}{{item:3116}}{{item:3116}}{{item:3116}}{{item:3116}} on {{champion:22}}{{champion:22}}{{champion:22}}{{champion:22}}{{champion:22}} EVERY DAMAGING SPELL ON ASHE SLOWS(or stuns) ANYWAY THE PASSIVE IS LITERALLY USELESS THE AP IS ONLY USEFUL EVERY TIME HER ULT IS UP THE HP IS THE ONLY USEFUL STAT PLEASE BREAK THE META BUT PLEASE READ WHAT ITEMS DO AND YOUR CHAMP KIT AND LOOK WHAT COOL-ASS SHIT YOU CAN DO WITH THE RIGHT ITEMS Now excuse me, while I go and play AP Ashe properly.
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