People need to change their way of thinking.

This also counts for me. Lately I was thinking. I often encounter trollers, feeders, afkers in my matches. This makes me tilt with rage and I lose my mind. But why, really? Because I expect everyone to have the same goal as me? (Climbing & winning). I always try my best, never feed hard or troll. But that is me. I am not the entire player base. Just because I have this goal, doesn't mean others have this goal too. People log in for many different reasons. Some simply don't care about their LP and try new champs in Ranked for the first time. I can let it tilt me, but what does that bring? I cannot change anything about it. Also, since trolling is such a huge problem it seems like many people enjoy to do it for whatever reason. I think we should accept it and see it as part of the game. Because let's be honest here. Someone can softly run it down and go 0/13 in 20 mins, spams emotes, so he tilts his teammates. Then their teammates might flame. The teammates get a punishment because chat behavior. The troll does not get anything. We all know this. There have been many topics about it on here. It is just the way it is. Riot won't do anything about it, and I guess we need to learn to deal with it. Yes, it sucks, but we have no control over it. I think we need to see it as an extra RNG/dice roll game when you hit "accept" in queue. You might get the troll, or the enemy might get the troll, or no one gets the troll (or both get them so then it's more equal again). I have spend many hours raging behind my computer because someone "accidentily" dies 5 times in the first 10 mins while refusing to ward. I have smashed my keyboard. But I want to let that go. It is a game , overall. I think we should not let our emotional health get affected so much. If you are stuck in an unwinnable troll game, let's say its 25-5 kills for the enemy( I get these matches weekly in my elo, honestly!) and the trolls obviously refuse to surrender then don't rage. It is what they want you to do. Just focus practicing your champ, turn off sound, put on some nice music and just let it slip by.
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