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Yo guys, I actually am pretty curious what you think about Talon right now. I started thinking about a possible Talon revert or probably a buff/change to his kit, since a few champions are actually getting reverted like f.e LB or Rengar. I know Talon's kit is nowhere broken, but I personally think that he is not in a decent spot right now at all. I mained Talon until he got reworked therefore it is obviously not a 100% objective topic for me. Anyways, since with his playrate beeing around 2% and his winrate at 50%, he maybe really needs some kind of attention from Riot, especially if we compare him to other assassins, like Zed, Katarina, Kha, LB etc. I feel like Talon has a really bad gapcloser. His Q spell right now is way to easy to deal with in my opinion and therefore Talon is not able to fullfill his purpose as an assassins the way he should be able to. I gotta add that I play in high platinum and player kind of now how to protect their carries and ppl know how to position, yet this only makes Talon even weaker in higher elos. Zed, Katarina etc are doing at least okey, while Talon is somehow not good at all, what I think is kinda linked to his way to clunky and predictable dash/gapcloser. The max damage Talon is able to deal is pretty high, but he can't seem to actually get it off the way he should be. Now I wonder what you guys think about him? Do you think he is fine right now? Do you think his kit needs some changes, like I do? Pls tell me, I am curious :) {{champion:91}}
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