Energy and cooldown reduction a painful combination.

Currently as is cool down reduction has a strange relationship with energy users. When a build amasses CDR using spells can becomes punishing. Not being able to Spam spells as a pseudo resourceless champion can feel strange at times almost punishing. Without any option to meaningfully change Regen builds are strong armed and un-diverse in the direction of damage. Take a look at zed for instance, the energy works as a gate for the his overwhelming strength. But as your build progresses because of his inability to have any meaningful fall back pattern. The champion is distinctly make or break, which as a design standpoint can become tricky. Whenever zed is strong in the meta he is oppressive but whenever weak non-existent. Then look at riven, a completely resourceless champion designed without gate. She has too many builds to count and so many options, meaningful choices are abundant. Spaming spells is the point of her kit so cdr feels super strong on her, hitting the cap is almost mandatory. The two have clear pro's and con's, both edge champions however towards specific builds. Perhaps a solution, **Scale energy Regen with cool down reduction. ** Currently champions are designed around the current system both thematically and in terms of optimum play style. So even though there is a clear upside to to this change there is an even clearer down side. However the change would ; - diversify strategy adding meaningful decisions and allow greater adaptation in game. - Diversify play styles - give champions a mechanics which can be meaningfully balanced around - be the best of both worlds This would be a long term goal for implementation but could be rewarding. Any thoughts you have on this idea would be greatly appreciated.
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