Bronze climbing. Is that possible?

Hello there. Im kinda new player so i have a few questions for u guys. Ive calibrated when i hit lvl 30 and i fall into bronze, but nowadays i play pretty decent. And i cant actually climb, because ppl in my team is doing wrong things. I main mid(Jayce 90% or recent games)/jungle, sometimes i go top if i want to. Im doing well - have decent kda ratio, decent dmg but when i hit bronze 2 i just cant keep my winrate above 50%. I dont know why this is actually happens because i play good enought to climb from this elo. My logic is: if im good and my team is %%%%%%ed so the enemy's team should be %%%%%%ed too so i can win more then lose (winrate above 50%). But it actually doesnt work. Then it should means that im bad but i dont feel like im bad. I almost never lose my lane that hard and even win it pretty much often. So whats the problem?

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