League needs to feel more like "Warcraft III" and less like "Street Fighter"

The state of the game at the moment is horrible, games are decided on the first few kills with either side completely dominating the other. New items or item reworks are causing a surge of previous non-troublesome stats such as Leathality to surge in popularity and be played by a lot of roles that it was not intended for. Towers are so weak that even ADC's can dive under them for a kill with no consequences or protection and destroy them easily while the other team is backing once. Or do early game dragon and even Baron with just the ADC and support. This is making the game feel too much like "Street Fighter" where people just mash buttons or spam the same overpowered champion/item/ability of the month over and over again in the same way that Street Fighter or other fighting games encourage players to spam the same attacks over and over again. I personally feel that this game has lost all form of strategic depth and has become a simple "beat em up", selling its soul in its desperation to become the next "Football" and be considered a legitimate "sport" in its own right. Riot has forgotten that League was a game, well before it even became a watchable sport and actually care about more then just the professional scene. Watching Worlds is also not entertaining at the moment because a lot of matches play the same... one team gets ahead and crushes the other team and the entire game is lost off one fight or mistake. This is not good viewing Riot either and it just further illustrates the problem in the game. This preseason should be more closely looking at the role of towers because if they are so weak and shoot water (as they currently do). There is no point to having them in the lanes at all. This game needs to remember that it CAME from Warcraft III and Defense of the Ancients Mod, which provided a level of depth and strategy that League at the moment does not have because its so fast to snowball and so hard to recover from one mistakes in the early game.

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