Scripting is a serious problem in higher elo

Hi, I started to climb pretty hard the last few days. Went from Diamond 5 to Diamond 1 and I started noticing more and more people using scripts as I was getting higher and higher. I don't have a keen eye on spotting every single one of them but I had a chat with a player and he did have a keen eye on spotting them. He said a lot of people in high elo are scripting (at least 1 every game). Why isn't banning these people a top priority of Riot? Or even better make it impossible for people to ever use scripts. It's destroying the competitive play. Kalista ofc is the worst to play against but Vayne is pretty annoying aswell. Do you guys notice scripters? Should countering it be a top priority for Riot? EDIT: A first step in the right direction (forgot to post it in here, a reply reminded of the idea) is having a "cheater" report reason in the result screen. Now when I see a possible scripter I choose "Negative attitude" with a comment called "Possible scripter". Don't know why Riot didnt implement this yet. For people who don't know what scripint is, take a look at this video: Also it's pretty easy to script, when you google LoL Script, the first or second site, it has a huge community. Even a thread on the forum to make a script behave as human as possible.
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