People are MONSTERS in ranked

**People are monsters in ranked.** I don't get why people are so negative and angry in ranked games. If someone is having a bad game in ranked, other people are straight up bullying that person for being bad, but in fact they're are just trying their best just as you do. But for them they're having a bad game, that happens even for the best of us. Instead of being angry in ranked, tell people what they could do better in a positive way. Or the best, just shut up so you don't destroy the game for the others in your team. A negativ attitude, being angry and bullying someone in ranked are affecting the whole team. The one you're yelling at, probably feels bad, not being enough and maybe gets panic and play even worse the rest of the game. But with a positive attitude, the person feel hope again and tries to be better the rest of the game. And for the others in the team, they will get annoyed because you're crying like a little baby in ranked and will therefor focus more on that than the actual game. Yes, you can mute. But it's not an excuse. Why should we who just want to play ranked, need to mute the one being a monster in game because the person can't handle their anger? Shouldn't it be the monster fixing that problem? Your life don't end as soon as you lose a ranked game. You don't get the worlds finest price for being in a good rank.** Grow up and fix your anger issues or be quiet in ranked.** It's a game, a game that will probably die before you die. It doesn't matter that much. Btw sorry if my english isn't spot on.
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