So feeding is ok as long as its not intentional ? Even if you feed 10 kills ? Why ?

i can understand that sometimes you have a bad game.... alright..... but at some point it shouldnt matter anymore if its intentional. it shouldnt, if somebody feeds 10 kills intentional or not, because your brain should be "wait a second, im constantly dying and ruining the game, how about stopping it ? how about not trying to fight anymore and let my team maybe try to carry my useless *** ?" like if i feed 3 kills in lane my brain goes "ok dude, enough, no trading anymore, no fighting anymore, no pushing, hug the tower, sacrifice CS in order to stay alive". im so sick and tired after all those years, this mentality "oh as long its not intentional".... yeaa great... if somebody has more then if somebody goes 0/5 or 0/10 he should get punished. im 100% sure that these ppl would actually stop feeding when they get their first 24 hour ban or soemthing. add "unintentional feeding" to the rpeort system.

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