[World wide message.] My personal thoughts about The weekly totating Queue for Game modes

[Before I start, Im going to send this post to every single boards League of Legends has. Even if they dont speak english or spanish. I feel the need of doing it before Riot makes another mistake that I consider big] Good morning, Good afternoon or Goodnight to the League of Legends community from around the world. I am going to get straight to the point. The rotating Queue for gamemodes can create a big problem that Riot is not looking at, and I am making this point so that Riot realizes the mistake they´re about to make. I would first like to address that I like the Rotating Queue, its a nice feature, however they are also making a HUGE mistake. Riot is introducing 2 LEGACY game modes. Now for those that dont know what I am talking about, Legacy game modes are those that appear ONCE a year. I can already guess which game modes I am talking about. If you do not know, I am talking about Riot introducing The Legend of the Poro King and Ultra Rapid Fire. Before I continue, **this is not** a rant about URF, this is about Riot making a big mistake. So... Let me get more in depth to what I am trying to say. Since 2014 Riot made 2 game modes for very specific dates of the year. Ultra Rapid Fire for April first and The Legend of the Poro King for Snowdown and have since shown up during those times of the year in 2015. That is why I call them Legacy game modes, because just like Holiday Legacy skins, they show up once a year and ONLY during their specific theme. _____________________________ April first and Snowdown have become an iconic time of the year for Riot and Runeterra. Runeterra, just like us in the real world, celebrate April fools and Christmas. Riot has created a tradition for their community, and I find it insulting that Riot is not even following their own created Runeterran holidays. Poro King was made for Snowdowm and they even made legacy icons for it. We all know how Legacy skins behave, and these icons behaved the same way. All Poro icons are only available during Snowdown, and if you use an icon in the Poro King game mode the icon would act as a skin. Therefore Riot created a Legacy gamemode. In April 1st 2015, Riot did the same thing. They created 3 urf icons that only worked in U.R.F, turning URF into a Legacy gamemode aswell, because last time I checked, those execution icons are not in the store (not sure on that last note though). ________________________________________ So, you can already guess where my rant is going. I **STRONGLY ** believe that these gamemodes should remain legacy. These 2 gamemodes are special, and they make us feel happy everytime we get close to either of those two gamemodes. It creates the necessary hype for us to enjoy the gamemode for a week, and we play that gamemode soo much till we get tired of it. So much that we can wait for the next year. I dont want to these two gamemodes to get tired and boring quickly. And this is the mistake Riot might create. If you spam gamemodes every single weekend, we will eventually get tired and sick of it, and I honestly dont want that to happen. ALSO I dont want my favorite gamemodes to not be celebrated on their respective times of the year simply because they are in the Rotating Queue. Ultra Rapid Fire should be for April First. Riot started URF since 2009 and they kept the joke for 6 years straight. FACE THE FACT RIOT! URF the manatee is April First´s poster boy... or Poster aquatic mammal for that matter. And the same goes for The Legend of the Poro King, this has become a Poster mascot for Snowdown. People expect them now, and if they dont show up you create Chaos, like yesterday. _________________________________________________ Speaking of yesterday... Riot... I know you wanted to do something new, and it was awesome. However, it was very underwheliming in sooo many levels that in the end, yesterday was the most pathetic day of all. I get why you used Draven and it was hilarious. Draven works perfectly, but, Urf the Manatee is your Mascot, not Draven, and that was one of the problems. Another problem was the Dravn mode thing. Honestly this was fun at first **but that joy only lasted for 30 minutes**. It felt like some Jack@ss infiltrated Riot HQ and hacked the game... It wasnt funny, it was annoying. I started playing Draft mode just so I could stop seeing the Draven heads. Why didnt you place the bobble draven head on every champion? You know, the same head the minions had, that would at least make look like there was effor put into the joke. And dont get me started about the lame LCS Draven event. Ok I´ll be nice here, I admit that the LCS "live" *****cough cough***** pre-recorded *****cough cough***** broadcast was kinda funny. What was funny was aphromos scene and Deficio being Deficio, oh and that hot EU referee. The rest was a nice try but... It was still underwheliming. #**#pølse!!!!** ////////////////////// Look I knew that URF wouldnt come yesterday, but I was still excited to know what Riot would do on April First, I was expecting more. But we didnt get anything. Only some skins and some overly expensive bundles. Speaking of skins... Riot, if that Draven Legacy is worth 500RP to you, please go to your nearest hospital. You´re expecting us to buy 500RP on a Bobble head on top of Classic Draven? Are we really that fcking stupid in your eyes?! Hey but I get it, money is the only thing you look at. And I hate to say it because a lot of dedicated Rioters who love the game are getting destroyed by our threads. I wouldnt be surprised if some Rioters decided to Quit from ever working at Riot at all and that in itself saddens me. ____________ Sorry about that last Rant, it something that I have been holding up since yesterday and I thought I´d express it here I would like it if URF and Legend of the Poro King could remain Legacy and only available in their respective times of the year. I dont care if we get U.R.F twice, thrice or 10000 times this year, U.R.F is not the same if it isnt celebrated on April First. And the same goes for the Legend of the Poro King. They are awesome game modes, but this North American mentality that "more is better" is crap. Its better to have ONE special moment than having it become a regular nuisance. _________________________ Well here is my first world wide QQ thread. Thought I make it world wide so Riot can for once see it. If you have any thoughts please express them. ______ [EDIT] I appreciate the positive feedback guys c: Thank you very much [EDIT] The support is insane guys :D Thank all alot!
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