Ip Farming Speed is Insanely bad

Hello there everyone,so after I started farming up for a new champion,I suddenly realized how slow I was going so I decided to take a break from the game and analyze my Ip gain. So after some match reviews a won game of about 15 minutes will give you 50 ip so I will use that as a base. That means you would need 31.5 hours to get exactly 6300 ip,which would equal to 1 rune page or champion. And thats IF you WIN all your games. Which of course you wont. So assuming you got a healthy 55% winrate which most people have you would need around 55-60 hours to farm up 6300 ip. Which is just insane. That means you would need over 2 DAYS of playing without stopping to get that much.And lets assume you got a huge amount of free time and you can play 5 hours a day(when most people can play about 2-3). That equals to 11 to 12 DAYS of playing League for 5 hours without skipping to get 6300 ip. Now of course Im not taking into consideration 1st win of the day,because I wanted to find out the gain of Ip without it. With 1st win of the day which is 150 ip you would get about 1650 to 1800 ip from playing 11 to 12 days. I really think the IP farming speed should be increased at least a little bit,because thanks to this new players have no chance against veterans to who are already miles ahead in champions,runes and runepages alike. Any thoughts? EDIT: Sorry guys was a bit tired so I made a bad calculation if you get about 55% win rate you would need about 46 to 48 hours. My bad guys sorry. That means you can take away about 2 days of farming meaning from 9 to 10 days for 6300 ip which is still a lot :P thanx to Doomley for correcting me <3
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