I seriously feel like Ashe does not deserve the nerfs that's coming in her way.

Seriously, she's supposed to be an adc that deals damage from afar. She's immobile as hell, so ANY assassin can get to her in an instant, she has so many counters, and her laning phase is really bad as her poking tool is W, and the mana cost is pretty big, which means after like 10 W's she will be out of mana. Yes, she is really strong in late game, but that's where ADC's are supposed to be strong. For her to be good in mid/late game, she has to really struggle in early game, as people tend to camp ashes, cause she has no escape. I am pretty tilted cause Riot nerfs her without thinking ahead. I really need an explanation of why they plan to nerf her. I'm probably gonna get downvoted, but I seriously feel like she's not the one who deserves nerfs.

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