Zed ult doesnt make him untargetable

Hello there. I have been playing this game for quite a long time and i used to main Zed. Back in season 5, i managed to ult properly to dodge ennemy abilities. Back on LoL for season 8, i ve been experiencing a "bug or "weird interaction" with zed ult. I call it the "give me my ult back". Basically i used to press ult to bait people just before i die for example. But 50% of the times my ult did not dodge properly the ennemy ability casted on me. Most of the time i just take an auto attack damage, that kills me while im doing my ult. Well why not, auto attacks can follow flash, even if i dont think this used to work like that with zed ult. Why not. But at least give me some cooldown reduction on my ult. It did nothing, it didnt even apply the mark on my target, i just had the disappearing animation then nothing because im dead. But Sometimes i took abilities damage during my ult (in the 0.5 seconds before the mark applies on my target). A veigar ult, an ahri kiss,... I dont have records but do someone have been experiencing the same problem ? And can someone tell me if "Zed goes untargetable" in the ability description is outdated ? It feels quite frustrating to die during an ult that is supposed to give you the extra time you need to make outplays.
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