Grrr....I don't want to flame..

Basically a few weeks ago I got a 2 ban for offensive language, which is fair enough I took the 2 week ban even though it wasn't anything severe it was just the choice of words I used opposed to the toxicity of what I said. I wasn't actually flaming ironically as that's the topic of this post lol. Anyways, I do have a tough time finding it hard not to flame in most games. This is brought on a majority of the time by losing games which I've personally found to be easy. Yet, 4 people who are the same elo as me find it sooooo incredibly hard, the thing that gets me is that they're at the same level as me but seem to be 100x less than my own skill level. But, if I can't climb I don't even deserve higher elo. Anyways, regardless of how I play I get these teams on a regular basis basically ruin my gaming experience, I can't enjoy the game as I'm constantly having to play against opponents who are fed. Playing against opponents who are fed isn't a bad thing, it teaches you how to comeback (though no-one I ever get match made with knows how to do so). Problem is, this happens too often, and it leads me to "flame" as most of you guys would see it. I need advice on how I can try to keep a calm head, because these people I get on my team will make one mistake, then i'll get them advice, they'll make the same mistake again....and again....and again....and again....By that point i'm saying things like, "seriously what the actual fuck are you doing, how many times can you make the same fucking mistake" and "I've explained to you what to do, how about you fucking listen, you have died 7 times now, why don't you listen to the guy who is trying to carry you retards". As you can see my language is colourful to say the least. I am actually a really nice guy and before that point I'm encouraging my team and being as polite as possible. There is only so much I can take though. In the early stages of the game, if my team is doing badly, I can help them get back into the game by myself, whether it's ganking or taking objectives. Time and time again my teams will do something stupid which will fuck off any advantage I have and that my team has and then continue to do this over and over until I'm like Janna trying to 1v1 a Fiora, even though I have a significant amount of gold compared to my team mates. All this stuff makes me flame at people and I honestly don't know what to do, I don't want to get banned for one moment of stupidity where I go over the top. Ranked is frustrating and I'm a very a competitive person, it's like if I played in a football match and scored 8 goals, but my team concedes 9 own goals, wouldn't that piss you off a bit? So yeah, any advice you could give me to chill out a bit would be greatly appreciated. Please don't say vague things like "just mute them" or "don't flame" I need genuine advice thx. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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