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Urfwick wants a Loot Box and voice chat and better support
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Riot said they consider selling those skins over hextech crafting again. And tbh i feel bad about it , because i own cs riven and owning such skin gives you the feeling of rarity. But i would be fine if that skin would be on a same price level as hextech annie. I mean before they disabeled the Code system, that skin was sold for more then 400-600 dollers.So imo they should let this skin stay as expensive as it was and when people really want it , they can go for it and spend hundrtes of dollers as some other people did before. There were people who got lucky and bought it for 975 Rp but thats it. People shouldnt get rewarded with a low price for this skin when other people were forced to buy it with the skin codes. If you want that skin. Pay for it. It should be obtainable so rito can stop the account trading , but they should at least let it be rare and not obtainable through luck. Hextech Annies shard can be get through luck. Imo Urfwick and stuff like CS Riven should be just obtainable through those heavy pricy gems stones. So the skins stay still rare and the old owners can have still the mindset of having something special and expensive. I know people dont want to pay so much for such skins but dont forget the feelings of the owners who were lucky or had to buy these expesinve skin codes.{{champion:92}}
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