A smurf rant

I don't think games in low elo should be decided by who has the best smurf on the most snowballing champion. When the 10/0 yasuo is on the enemy team, you lose, but when the diamond smurf riven is on your team you win. While it eventually balance out (though one could make an argument for why it is a higher probability that the smurf will be on the enemy team, since you already occupy one of your own teams slots, leaving 4 vs the enemy's 5 open slots for a smurf), it is not a healthy way to progress. I want my games to be based on me and my silver/gold elo players ability to fight the enemy team. I don't want my wins to be because mid lane zed and kindred jungle were smurfs, and that the enemy team wasn't lucky enough with a diamond smurf in their game.
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