Is it actually that worth to transfer to EUW as a long time EUNE player?

I am planning on buying some RP(3250) and I am not sure if it would be a right decision to transfer my account to EUW for 2600 RP, or actually use it in a different way - most likely for buying Elementalist Lux or some other skins. The best thing I get from transferring over there is Normal Draft and a lot of English speakers(I guess), but then again, ever since EL got out I wanted to buy it, but then again I am kinda scared that I might get bored of it(even though I have played Lux since like 2014, and she has been always fun for me), and then also playing on EUW might not be the way I expected it and experienced on a level 15 smurf account. What do I do? What is the smartest thing to do? :|
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