Why do we need ADC to be viable in bot lane?

Literally the game revolves around bot lane, people in high elo just afk in lane and wait to see which botlane wins and the game is decided by that. Why does every other role has to adapt, change picks, items and all that, but not the ADC role? When assassins were strong, did the adc adapt and change build to survive? No they whined and riot nerfed assassins, when toplane was strong (wait did that ever happen?) did the botlane meta change to picks that can survive bruisers? No they kept whining and riot permanently destroyed bruisers and made them some pathetic hp stacking tanks, while at the same time adding up to ridiculous x%HP dmg. Screw ADC, this is getting annoying, this is not meta anymore, people picked marksman+support botlane because it worked, when it stopped working you should have just let it be, why do you keep over forcing viability on everyone. Now I know people are literally stupid, not offending anyone here, but the majority of the population is statistically stupid, so why do I even try. PS this includes riot.
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