The new champ we have been waiting for.

Virgil, The Wandering Storyteller, is the new champ entering the rift! Before i start, i give a huge thanks to Poeta Somnium in the NA server for actually creating the champion himself, it took about 3-4 months according to him. So here it is, he posted this champ in about 10,000 words. You can skip some of it if you don't want to read it all. This was made quite a while ago and anyone who read this didn't think Riot was gonna make it, but they finally are now. How do i know? Well i literally just quit my League launcher to take a rest and this website popped up outta nowhere, it confirmed my suspicions on this champion. Here it is. I believe that I'm one of the first ones to know this new champ was coming out, while others just posted the link above and said "NEW CHAMP TEASER". So i realized this and I rushed on here to create this post. I read about this champ and he sounds lame at first but he's absolutely amazing. This champion will make people wanna get first pick to go support. He is a simple story teller, but he is so much more exiting than what i just wrote. Thank you Riot for taking in this idea and mostly, thank you Poeta Somnium for making this incredible champion. All i did here was tell you about it, so don't give me any credit. If any of you know who Poeta Somnium is, give him a huge thanks on my behalf, just a reminder, he is on the North American Server. Thanks for reading :D (This is my personal theory, i really believe in it though) Just to be clear since some people got it wrong, the new champ isn't the god thing, its the old man by the fireplace.
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