League of legends doesn't exist anymore

League of legends is no longer league of legends. It's league of crap. I don't understand why people still play this game. This game is horrible and extremely frustrating to play. Riot are slowly destroying their old game since patch 4.18 when the super stupid Sion rework came out. Every change they do since is very dissapointing to me. For example they removed mana potion in 5.22 and the huge nerfs on Akali in patch 5.2 broke my heart. I lost too many champion I had fun playing and was good with due to their reworks which I comepletely dislike - Katarina, Akali, Fiora, Warwick, Shen, Mordekaiser, Darius, Poppy, Graves, Irelia, Ryze and Talon. Others characters I liked didn't got reworked but aren't as good as they used to be in the past because of all the bad changes Riot has done to league - Tryndamere, Jax, Volibear, Cho'Gath. I regret not playing old Gangplank and Sion and I could not learn old Malzahar and Veigar. What I have now is Garen and Diana, but Diana can't solo carry games like before and is too squishy and instantly dies in teamfight due to the terrible game balance. So Garen is the only champion I can have fun and win but is boring to play the same character over again. League was an amazing game and now is a cancerous shit. It feels so nice to watch old lol videos from 2013 and 2014. They remind me how beautiful the game used to be. It was fun to play and much more balanced. S3 and S4 were the golden days of this game when old map was there, before everything got reworked. Zephyr was in game, DFG was in game. 35 gold health potion, Easier to buy Rabadon, Abyssal scipter, beautiful models and graphics, old masteries and runes, old client etc. I hate when people say that the game is better now which is not true. It's not fun anymore. The game started changing too much and too fast over the last 4 years. It is completely different from when I started(April 2014). Now league on my opinion is harder takes more skill. It's constant competition for objectives(Barons and Dragons, Herald). . It can be gamebreaking if one team takes some objectives before the other does. The game is much more fast-paced than before. You can go in teamfight even as a tank and instanly die. You must have insane reaction time to play squshy champions. One simple mistake can mean "game over". Games last much shorter. The average time a game last is 24 - 28 minutes. You must build champion in the right way if not you will suck. It can be really tilting to play againts annoying overloaded champions like Zed, Yasuo, Zoe, Pyke, Kled, Ekko... They game balance is terribly bad. Some champions are heavily overpowered, some heavily underpowered. I used to play league everyday and used to run home after school to play. The early Season 6 was the time where I started slowly losing interest on this game. Some people think that If the game hadn't changed since s3 or s4 people would get bored and stop playing. That's not true. I can never be bored of old stuff. They were what kept me playing this game. I remember league was a game played and loved by many people around me. I know many people who used to play and have quitted this game and nobody seems to be talking about it. I can't wait for League of memories release - a priate server of s4 which is closed for maintenance now . It wouldn't bring back old league comepletely but it is better than nothing. I want to hear opinios from people who also have quitted? Share your personal stories and thought about the game. What did you like? What do you miss? Why did you quit? etc.. I want to find people wo feel the same as me.
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