So is anyone getting MORE skins after the orange essence nerf/ip change?

When rito decided to change ip to blue essence it was fine , but they also decided to nerf orange essence (I had no clue about the orange essence nerf before it happened , all I knew was that ip is gonna get changed to blue essence) saying something like "we are nerfing it because you are going to get more skin shards" . Ever since that happened I got everything but the skin shards , im not that much as complaining (because I have the skins I like/play with) but just curious if others gained more skin shards after the event. For example before the rework i used to get out of 5 chests 3 skin shards , maybe a ward shards and something else . After this change from 5 chests i get at **best** 2 low value skin shards and emote/wards skins and champ shards which i more than likely already own due to all the champ shards from lvl capsules. its been so long since i got anything good and every chest opening now feels like " I hope I dont get a champ shards " instead of the old " oh I have a chest to open ,wonder what will I get".
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