The client's stats option is great! I just wish...

I just wish it was more useful :-) Let me explain. Stats are cool to look at and all. Nevertheless compared to the amount of graphs to look at and useful information, there is a large discrepancy. This is due to the "averaging" of all numbers. I have fallen in love with Jinx and recently I just had a look at my stats to see why everything seems to go down the drain for the last hand full of games. I feel very little impact in my games and thus I tried out to see what I am doing wrong. So I looked ad my stats and found, welp all my numbers outclass average silver... apart from vision score (I come to that later). Must be my teams fault. Now I compared with higher ranks, and still the same picture. When I switch to all games since mid seasons (since the last ten games are really depended on how they worked out in the end and are thus hard to compare to the average) I saw, that every single stats on my Jinx is better than that of challenger players even the vision score (funny right=) So why am I not Jinx OTP challenger yet? Why do I keep falling from high silver all the way down to silver 5 over a course of 50 games - rinse and repeat? The problem is, the other Jinx players that keep losing. The average of other plays against which you compare yourself in the stats screen is composed of a about 50%won games and 50% lost games (depending on the current state of a champ) So when I switch to my recent 10 games, which most were sad losses, some in which I even was fed and some in which I stood no chance with feeding supports or enemy assassins diving me as soon as I step even close to my own inhib with T2 towers still up (yes this happend) my numbers look much worse (still good though :-) ) So these numbers average out over my 100 games since mid seasons and I get on okayish reflection of how I am doing on that champ, but the comparison with other players is lacking, half their games were trash. As ADC I know, especially since 8.11 if you don't well your numbers will look crappy at best. So I would like to be able to compare to the average of won games. Like this I could see what I am doing, that might cause me to lose games. Are the winning Players getting less dmg done? Are they playing safer? Are they losing alot of CS but win by roaming? Are they actively seeking vision? And as I said, silver Jinxes have a better vision score compared to challenger players. I guess this is due to challenger ADC knowing that they should stay back and thus rarely get to place wards. Their job is to use the vision not to create it, thus they rarely go out of the way to seek more vision. And this would be interessting to compare between lost games and won games. Conclusion and L:DR I would love to have an option to switch between all games/won games/lost games to compare to. So I can see what might be essential to win games.
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