Why is jinx the only crit champion that is allowed to keep it's complementary buffs from pre 9.3

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The fact that jinx has held the highest or second highest winrate for adcs consistently for nearly 13 patches in a row across all elos as well as having 15%< pick rate in all elos during those patches is surely a cause for concern? I mean every other champ that had complementary buffs after the crit changes last years mid season had nerfs to balance them back again when the new crit changes came around in 9.3 eg yasuo, sivir and tryndamere but jinx has avoided any nerfs for whatever reason. Even though she is not as toxic or unfun to play against the sort of numbers she has now are similar to what riven and vayne had earlier in the season which everyone was rightly up in arms about. I personally think there is too much power in her rockets due to the fact that 1: the bonus splash damage can crit and 2: It has no scaling mana cost and other champions that have aoe style autoattacks like sivir have to build essence reaver to be able to spam it but jinx doesn't. Say what u will but the numbers don't lie jinx has been a terror in solo queue for long enough.
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