Tralux Discussion #1: What is your favorite/main role and champion?

Hi there! I'd love to talk about the game while I'm doing my internship for college in the Netherlands (yeah I'm Dutch), so I decided to create a series of discussions every week about your experiences of League Of Legends. I'm playing League Of Legends since it's release (Riot, 2009), and started the competitive play (ranked) in the second season. I quickly found myself in the **Jungleler role**, and for now, my **main champion(s) are Rek'Sai {{champion:421}} and Diana {{champion:131}} **. I do like those champions because they have a nice engagement abilities for teamfights; **Rek'Sai's E** and knock them all up and **Diana's R** and bouncing them together with E. Now I'm curious about your favorite/main roles and champions! I'm really looking forward to your stories. Tralux
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