Why does the game depends so much on the team? Individual Skills Means Dog Crap.

How can we play game where people are refusing to communicate and showing attitude on top of people are tilted even at the start of the game refusing to understand logic and just crying just because they are losing their lanes. Please just makes buff to jungle, ADC, Supp and Top. Mid is the only lane that can control and solo carry the game by themselves please just do something it sucks have to play with 3 losing lane as a jungle and just lose like a goddamn dog. It suck to be ahead on bot lane only to see the toplaner just rage quitting the game. It's just Individual Players don't have impact on the game and everyone has to play with the team. We don't play this game to cooperate with %%%%%%s who don't even know what the support item is used for and start doran's ring bot. I don't know what to say my gameplay experience has been miserable for 2 years now can we please just see some changes that are gonna improve the game more.
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