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Hello, first time posting here, trying to make this as short as possible. gl hf reading. I am tired of the state of the game. I played this game now for 8+ years and enjoyed the vast majority of it, but the quality of gameplay, which is what I care most about, is descending. And I know if I feel this way, other people have a similar feeling about the state of the game aswell. I am a very competitive player, pretty much only ranked since i dont remember when. ~Mid diamond (no faker², but a very devoted player). Here are the issues I have, and why I just can't enjoy the game anymore. A) Every new released champ is overpowered. Which is fine, i get it, you want players to learn the champ, without feeling bad because we haven't figured him out yet, but in the upper elo brackets this takes players a couple of days, maybe 2 weeks. The champ will remain broken for MONTHS (until the next, rework/release rules him out of FotM). And **new kits are getting so overloaded**, that you can literally remove entire mechanics from them, without the champ becoming balanced, let alone bad. Every new release has to be flashier and more mindblowing, then the last one. Sett might be an exception, my first impression is only that his w numbers can be pretty insane. And **winrates (even Dia+) are a TERRIBLE measurement for balance/what's good or bad.** B) **Damage creep** over the years is making for unhealthy gameplay. Even Tanks (for example Ornn) have enough dmg to kill squishies in ONE rotation. Every (meta) champion has **oneshot potential**. And this without... C) **COUNTERPLAY. What happend to healthy, FAIR champ design?** The only item that can save you from getting oneshot, and isnt completly troll to build is for mages, **hourglass** (ga as a counterpart is not nearly as strong, you cant choose when to pop it, and popping ga only means that you have to throw one more spell after revive to finish the job). **Nowadays it feels like the only thing champ design cares about is adding a new unique mechanic to the game, no matter how unhealthy gameplay it creates.** I could write a seperate rant for every new release/rework. This started maybe in ~2017, but with every new champ this is getting more and more obnoxious, because basically "higher" elo meta is all new/reworked champions so you have 6-7 rulebraking champions in every game. An example what I mean by rulebreaking: Winning lane, 2 solo kills, enemy champion turns 6, you are a level up. You loose to his all in, even though you have more stats and played it flawless, but your opponent is an unbalanced Assasin, who gets to oneshots anyone at 6 who didnt invest in deffensive stats. And thanks to the genius idea of shutdown gold + the beautiful 2 second waveclear, the assasin is now snowballing and can start farming the jungler and anything not Ornn on the map. D) Bruisers (yes, there are a few exceptions, but generally speaking..) dont exist in the meta. They are easy to itemize against **(get tabis, and you gucci)** while not being tanky enough to not get oneshot by the overtuned assasins/mages. But i mean tanks fullfill their role well, since they have enough, very enjoyable, % health dmg in their kit. **Why do Tanks also need to deal dmg?** Isn't league about a team effort, and they should bring peel/cc to the table? E) Mages (Cassio,Syndra,Diana,Rumble,Vlad,Ekko,Kassadin,Karthus). There is awesome stuff you can build against physical dmg (tabis/zhonyas/ga/dead mans), but against mages mercs are way worse then tabis against ad, and honstly only the cc reduction in combination with legend:tenacity feels like it has an impact. So you basically need to delay your build with a full item or buy mercs+spectres cowl. And **comparing zhonyas to banshee's is a joke.** The value you can get out of hourglass active is insane, while banshees only means that you need to throw an abillity first (thanks to ludens it doesnt even have to hit the champ, its enough to throw the spell in the general direction of the champ and proc ludens on the creeps) before you can oneshot, or you are one of the newer champs/reworks, whose kit is so overloaded that one abillity less doesnt impact the outcome of the fight anyway. F) Now this is role specific for me, I am a jungle main. I am sick of the toxicity, **junglers are the scrape goats of the team**. Which is fine, I mute anything toxic and have allchat disabled. But what I can't solve with the press of a button is how **weak jungle as a role has become this season.** Basically one of the junglers every game gets taken out, it's **feast or famine**. If you are ahead, and your first gank worked out, you get a kill, some exp from pushing out the lane and can continue the game level with all laners. But if you only get a summ, let alone nothing.. Well sucks to be you, you are now a level behind everyone and if your opponent jungler knows what he is doing you won't get to play the game again. This one might be on me not having figured out the "new" jungle, but **removing catchup jgl exp was a mistake imo** (But sure, i guess it feels nice to put the foot down on the enemy jungler..). **JGL exp..** I can recall games where I started the game 3-0-4 at 10-15mins, great farm, everything went butter smooth. But I will be the same level as opponent sololaners, maybe half a level to level ahead of botlaners. If you fall behind in jgl... sucks to be you, you are now everyones bish, 2 levels down to sololaners and 1 level behind their bot, and unless they make huge mistakes your game is done, only thing you can hope for is hopping on the back of your team. **If anyone actually read this, kudos to you for digging through this rant. hope you have a great day, and i wish you the best. But till I see any changes towards a more healthy state of the game, I won't be touching league.**
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