Darius needs to be nerfed. Urgently

Hallo Darius needs to be nerfed urgently. Just played a game as Pantheon Mid vs Akali. Top we had Aatrox vs Darius. Our jungle was Ivern, enemy had Kayn as a jungler. In Botlane there was MF and Nautilus on our side and Lux/Ashe on enemies side. I got 15/0 in like 15 minutes or 20. Killed Darius 4 Times while he was just running over Aatrox. I helped botlane get ahead too, my lane was just 100% won, akali had no impact in the game. Darius was 6/4, i was 15/1 meanwhile cause i dropped to Akali. I thought sooner or later i will get killed anyways, so i looked to give the big money to someone that is not DARIUS. I know that ridicuous champion is a horror, so i thought just dont get shut down by him. It helped nothing. A couple minutes later Darius was seriously beasting our team 5v1. He gets focused and permastunned, but his Q is unstopable. The heal out of it is just too strong. EVEN IGNITED HE COULD STOMP US LIKE DIRTNOOBS, despite me beeing miles ahead of him, i had no chance. Whats the point in stuns when they dont stop Darius Q? Darius ended the game 15/6, i ended the game 17/6. From a 15/1 lead Darius catched up and almost outscored me. He carried the game alone 5v1. He outhealed us 5v1 while ignited and taking towershots. Ridiculous! Q Stunimunity has to go away ASAP. Rather yesterday then tomorrow! A big spit in the face of all Dariusplayer out there. Your a bunch of scums.
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